Finding Artemisia:

Finding Artemisia: a journey into ancient women’s business is the story of psychologist Dr Diana Verdi, who unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of the Australian desert on an Aboriginal community.

When I was invited to attend an inma* with Aboriginal women in the remote deserts of Australia, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I had been warned of the severe elements; the night cold, the harsh sun, the absence of water. But nothing could have prepared me for the privilege of experiencing the oldest living culture on earth.

Meeting with the women who keep the Aboriginal culture alive had a direct impact on me. I was struck by their wisdom, clarity, confidence and psychological freedom. They still knew who they were, despite the horrific invasions of their homelands, their food sources and their complex, family structures. And they knew what was needed for their traditions to be secured: ceremony, celebration and sharing – women’s business.